avec ēlan is like a fresh burst of energy. We are both sweet and zesty. Sometimes sassy. Always classy. A little ballsy but never bossy. Most days, we’re living a sporty lifestyle. Although, we swap our trainers just as easily for heels. We could start a Monday morning like it’s a Friday evening. We look for the rainbow in every storm. And while we love an unexpected twist, you can always rely on us.

We dream big but stay humble. We want to go far with what is close to our hearts. We’re up for a challenge and down to earth. Full of ambition yet filled with everyday joy. You’ll see our strength as much as our softness. We are as eager as we are at ease. Some days we’re the life of the party. On other days we flourish in the workplace as never before. But no matter where you meet us, you always spot us with a twinkle in our eyes.  

avec ēlan makes modern-day knitwear with a little tease. Call it fierceness. Call it dare. Call it confidence. Our goal is to ignite the spark that lives within. And so we encourage you to move away from the ordinary. To go bigger. To try bolder. To opt for sultry. To make it sensuous. We want to inspire you to unleash your unique self no matter the weather. From desk to dancefloor and everywhere in between.

Nothing we come up with is meant to be boring. In our world, no two days are alike. Label us as a game changer, see us as a source of inspiration and let us be the cherry on top. We are not around to bring you average. We are here to go above and beyond.