Inspiration of collection 01. ⁠

collection 01. stands for softness, the most finest knits and a solid basis for avec ēlan. A basis that knitwear is always a good idea, from desk till dancefloor. That knitwear can bring a little tease. And that knitwear don't bring you average, but here to go above and beyond.

collection 01. is the first ever made collection of avec ēlan. It started with a dream to create a modern day knitwear label, only for women. Not only for a specific type of women. But for all women. Because all women have that fierceness, fresh burst of energy. And all women can wear knitwear whenever they want. To live some days the life of the party. And on other days flourish in the workplace as never before. To swap their trainers just as easily for heels. Knitwear for all day, everyday. 

It is always avec ēlan.


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