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We want to give you the best advice as possible. Therefore, we will share our best kept secrets to wear your knits as long as possible. 

The knits of avec ēlan are made of a combination of viscose (70%) and polyamide (30%). Viscose is made of a natural substance from trees. Polyamide is a more synthetic fabric that ensures the knit doesn't tickle and pill. Besides that, the knits won't be itchy, and these two materials provide good wearability and comfort. All you want right? <3

Hereby, our best kept secrets to wear your knits as long as possible:

  1. Fold it up: yes indeed, the best way to store your knits flat in your closet. This is how the fibers keep their shape. By hanging your knits (especially a heavy knit), there is a chance that the knits will hang which will change the shape. 
  2. Before washing the knit: turn the knit inside out - this will prevent from pilling. 
  3. Carefully read the care instructions: use a fine wash program at max 30ºC, bleach prohibited and low iron.
  4. Flat dry: pulling the knitted garment into shape immediately after washing and lay flat to dry. 


With these secrets, we will make sure you can enjoy wearing your avec ēlan knit over and over again. And that is all we want! 

Do you have any questions regarding the fabrics or care instructions? Let us know! 



avec ēlan

March 16, 2023 — Dagmar van Ham